Cafe couple thank loyal customers

Parkrose Cafe Closing'Carnaby'PA1150-20b'Saying good by to there customers'Gary Shell Davis
Parkrose Cafe Closing'Carnaby'PA1150-20b'Saying good by to there customers'Gary Shell Davis

A COUPLE who are leaving a Bridlington cafe after running it for five years have thanked their customers.

Gary and Shell Davis have run the Park Rose Cafe on the Carnaby Industrial Estate since September 2006 and built up a loyal base of regular customers.

They say they have no option but to leave the cafe because the landlords “tripled the rent” on the building over the past year.

“Things have just got too expensive and we can’t afford it anymore. It is sad because we have built up a good business and we have some great customers and eleven fantastic members of staff whose future is a bit up in the air,” said Gary, 59.

Gary and Shell now don’t know what the future holds for them and the cafe.

“We will just have to see what happens with us. I think that the landlord might want to give running the café a go, because with the rent that high it is going to be very difficult for anyone else to be able to come in and make a go of it,” said Shell, 42.

“We have had staff working for us since we first took the business on, so it is going to be strange for everyone when we leave.

“We’ll really miss everyone, and we would like to say thank you to all of the staff and our customers who have made our time here so enjoyable.”

The couple’s last day at the cafe is tomorrow.

The Free Press has been inundated with letters from customers in support of Gary and Shell.

One letter, from Kate and Alan Butler, of Hamilton Road, Bridlington, said: “We both love going for the Bird of Prey Centre, the shop, but most of all to enjoy delicious coffee and the tastiest ever Eccles cakes (made by Gary himself!). The site will be all the poorer for their going.

“Good luck to Gary and Shell for their next venture. We would certainly support them.”

A letter from Suzanne, Edwin, Fiona and Ruth England said: “We have been quite emotional about them having to finish.”

The Free Press spoke to Trevor Pearce, who along with James Horsley runs the Park Rose Centre and lets the cafe to Gary and Shell, but he did not wish to make a comment until the conclusion of legal matters regarding the cafe.