By-election results: Bridlington UKIP win secures first East Riding Council seat

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The UK Independence Party has secured its first ever seat in the East Riding of Yorkshire Council after Malcolm Milns won the Bridlington Central and Old Town by election.

Mr Milns racked up 401 votes against Conservative Party candidate John Copsey, who received 352 votes.

Hull-based UKIP MEP Mike Hookem said: “I am delighted.

“Malcolm is already a town councillor in Bridlington and knows what he is doing.

“This result on the back of our parliamentary by-election wins in Clacton and Rochester and Strood shows there is a real momentum behind us.”

It comes after rcouncillor Raymond Allerston sadly died on 16 September this year.

Bridlington Central and Old Town by-election results

Malcom Milns UKIP 401

John Copsey Con 352

Liam Dealtry Ind 217

Terry Dixon Ind 214

Neil Tate 116

Turnout 15.2 per cent.