Busy weekend for lifeboat crews

Bridlington Lifeboat
Bridlington Lifeboat

Flamborough’s lifeboat crew and coastguards spent two-and-a-half hours on a tricky call-out helping a woman who had injured her ankle.

They headed to Thornwick Bay yesterday lunchtime and placed the casualty on a stretcher before carrying her to the beach.

Flamborough headland

Flamborough headland

The lifeboat dropped anchor and coastguards and some swimmers who were nearby helped to get the woman on board.

She was then taken by boat to South Landing where an ambulance was waiting for her.

A coastguard statement said: “The service took about two-and-a-half hours in total, a very difficult job but very well executed by both agencies involved proving that the training we all do can gel together in very awkward situations.

On Saturday evening, Bridlington inshore lifeboat and coastguard teams received reports from passers-by who had spotted what they thought was someone in difficulty in the sea.

The object was found to be a yacht marker that had drifted towards the shore.

Emergency services rescued two kayakers who got into difficulty south of Bridlington on Friday lunchtime.

The town’s inshore lifeboat launched at around 1pm and mobile coastguards units on the beach guided them to the kayaks.

They found a man who had been in the water for some time, hanging on to a kayak with his wife on board.

Another man, also on a kayak, was in attendance and trying to help but all three were being blown out to sea by the offshore winds.

The lifeboat crew quickly pulled the man into the lifeboat and also took the woman on board who was distressed by this stage. After tying the kayak alongside the lifeboat, the team headed to the beach.

Once the couple were safely ashore with the coastguards, the lifeboat crew went to the aid of the man on the second kayak after he had started to tire from the effort of paddling back to the beach.