Busy weekend for Bridlington lifeboats

They were called upon three times in four hours
They were called upon three times in four hours

Bridlington’s emergency services were put to the test at the weekend when lifeboats, coastguards and lifeguards responded to three calls for help within four hours.

At 3.43pm the coastguard paged for the inshore lifeboat after lifeguards had spotted a Jet ski drifting with no one in the area. The inshore lifeboat crew and lifeguards did a search of the area before they were informed that after the Jet ski engine had failed the owner had swam ashore.

The Inshore lifeboat crew towed the Jet ski back to the beach.

After receiving a call for help from a 30ft cabin cruiser with a crew of two on board, coastguards requested the launch of Bridlington’s offshore lifeboat “Marine Engineer”. Volunteer lifeboat crew were paged at 5.12pm to the vessel which had a steering problem, the lifeboat towed the boat back to the harbour entering at 10.28pm.

Lifeguards informed the coastguard that they had spotted a speed boat apparently drifting. With the offshore lifeboat already at sea the inshore lifeboat was once again paged at 6.06pm. The boat and its crew of two were towed safely ashore.

On Sunday afternoon the inshore lifeboat was paged again after the crew of a small day boat had fired red flares in the North Bay and the boat was towed safely to the South launching site.