Businesses ‘devastated’ by harbour flooding

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Businesses around Bridlington Harbour are today assessing the damage done by last night’s flooding and starting the clean up operation.

Yesterday at around 4.30pm flood waters began rising and overtopped the harbour, leaving some businesses under four foot of water.

David Cooper, 53, who owns C&M Marine at South Pier, said he expects to lose £7,000 worth of stock to flood water damage.

“It is just devastating really but at the end of the day we’ll cope,” said Mr Cooper, who was at his shop this morning for the early tide.

Stock close to the ground was submerged and is now ruined, leaving Mr Cooper forced to get rid of a large portion of the items for sale, including clothing worth around £1,500.

The full extent of the repercussions from the flooding are as yet unclear, and Mr Cooper said: “It depends what the insurance company says about the floor - if they have got to take it up and dry it out then it could take a while.

“Obviously the insurance will go up in price.

“It is not a busy time of year for me but it will certainly lose me trade.”

High tide is expected this evening at around 6.30pm however it is not thought to overtop the harbour to the same extent as last night.

Keep checking the Free Press website for further updates on the flooding aftermath.