‘What next for us on Hilderthorpe Road?’

Andrew and Karen Sanderson of Ocean Rewards fishmongers on Hilderthorpe Road
Andrew and Karen Sanderson of Ocean Rewards fishmongers on Hilderthorpe Road

Two businesses on Hilderthorpe road say they are worried for their future as work to regenerate the area gets underway.

Ocean Rewards fishmongers and Wiseman Electrical Traders have been “kept in the dark” over when they have to leave their trading bases by. 
“We’re not happy. All our customers want to know what we are going,” said fisherman and co-owner of Ocean Rewards, Andrew Sanderson.

Stephen Wiseman of Wiseman Electrical Wholesalers said he has been kept in the dark

Stephen Wiseman of Wiseman Electrical Wholesalers said he has been kept in the dark

“We don’t know whether we will be getting any compensation or when we are supposed to have moved out by. It makes it difficult because we can’t properly make plans.”

Andrew and his wife Karen, who employ five staff, say that their base on Hilderthorpe Road serves as a “factory” where they prepare, package and cook their fish.”

“We’ve considered places in the town centre but the rent is too high. The product we bring isn’t clean, so if there was a flat above wherever we relocate to, I can’t imagine they would be happy with us hosing down a lot of crabs at three in the morning.”

The uncertainty has also left Stephen Wiseman of Wiseman Electrical Wholesalers anxious about his businesses future.

He said: “I will just become a squatter and I won’t go. I have stopped asking my landlord - he said he hadn’t heard anything from the council.

“Eight months ago I rang the council to find out what was going on and they said to me that it had nothing to do with me, and that they would be in touch with my landlord.”

Mr Wiseman added that re-routing the coaches to the sea front instead of Hilderthorpe Road Coach Park has lost him business because of the reduced footfall.

But an East Riding of Yorkshire Council spokesperson said the authority had fulfilled its legal duty.

The spokesperson said they had been liaising with the business owners’ landlords and it is up to them to keep their tenants informed, not the council.

Work has already begun in the area with a number of properties on Springfield Avenue having already been demolished.

But it is no comfort to Mr Wiseman, who said he wanted nothing more than to be able to tell his customers where his business will relocate to.

“We are right in the middle of all this regeneration, and we will be getting piled out 
shortly. It’s just that we really need to know what’s happening.

“We have a had a busy summer and we are at that point where we need to spend money on the property. You need to keep on top of jobs and it’s an old building.

“I think that the landlord has made some progress now. The trouble is everyone still wants to know where we’re going.”

It comes after Yorkshire’s oldest book seller announced he will retired at the end of the month.

John Ledraw, 84, who owns JC Book Exchange on Hilderthorpe Road, is still appealing for residents to buy just one book each.

He said he has sold around half of the 8,000 books he needs to get rid off before he moves into a new property, but fears the remaining 4,000 will have to be dumped.

John praised the East Riding of Yorkshire Council for the help offered to him and said he is happy with the end result.