Survey into our fishing industry

Bridlington harbour
Bridlington harbour

Bridlington boat owners have been encouraged to take part in a week-long survey into the state of the fishing industry.

Researchers will be gathering data from fleets from Scarborough down to Boston in Lincolnshire from Monday.

They are looking at the costs involved in running a vessel to provide an overview of the financial performance of the industry.

Economics project manager at Seafish, Steve Lawrence, said: “Our annual survey provides us with a detailed picture of the UK fishing fleet’s economic performance.

“The insight it provides means we can keep all those involved in the sector fully informed on the health of the fleet.

“The report is also made available to policy makers and it is a good opportunity for fishermen to voice their opinion on the big issues affecting them.”

“We appreciate the continued support of the fishing industry in the north and encourage all skippers and vessel owners in the area to speak to our researchers.

“There’s an added benefit, all vessel owners can request a free financial performance benchmark report which allows comparisons with the average performance of similar vessels.”

This is the 12th year the survey has been carried out and last year, more than 700 skippers took part.

The data gathered during the week showed that the total UK fleet income had grown by 19%, with the fishing sector giving its best economic performance for a decade.

All information provided is treated as confidential and no individual vessel figures will be revealed in any report.