Shellfish wash up on North Beach

Dead crabs washed up on Bridlington north beach
Dead crabs washed up on Bridlington north beach

LOCALS and visitors to Bridlington alike are used to the sight of crabs, which are landed at the town’s successful harbour.

However, they may not be as accustomed to seeing dozens of them, along with hundreds of muscles and a few small fish, washed up on the beach.

But that was the scene last Thursday, as a high tide coupled with strong easterly winds dumped sea creatures of all kinds on the North Beach, between the Expanse hotel and Sewerby.

Former fisherman Graham Young, of Barmston, was out on North Beach on Thursday afternoon with his wife Jennifer and grandchildren, and explained what had happened.

He said: “It happens from time to time, you get a really high tide, over six metres, and a very strong easterly wind. They all live on the seabed maybe a mile, half a mile out, and they just get picked up with the tide and dumped on the beach.”

Mr Young, 67, fished from Bridlington Harbour on his boat Three Fevers and retired two years ago.

He said that the shellfish dump happens four or five times a year on average.

“It usually happens in the winter, when it’s cold,” said Mr Young.

“Only a few weeks ago at Barmston and Fraisthorpe a big load of lobsters washed up on the beach. I went down and got four or five, they’re fine as long as they’re still alive. You don’t touch them if they’re not,” he added.

While no lobsters were spotted this time, there were more than a hundred crabs of different species, as well as hundreds of muscles and a few small fish. Most had been picked off by swarms of seagulls.