‘Roadworks have hit takings by 70%’

Carol Dawson
Carol Dawson

A Bridlington cafe which celebrates the good old days is wishing it could turn back the clock to the time before roadworks wiped out 70% of their takings.

The owner of Times Gone By says she is ‘at the end of her tether’ with the disruption caused by the ongoing improvements in Hilderthorpe Road.

Roadworks in Hilderthorpe Road

Roadworks in Hilderthorpe Road

Carol Dawson says some days she has had as few as eight customers, despite the cafe being ranked as the best in Bridlington on the Trip Advisor website.

Claiming access to the premises is ‘diabolical’, Carol said: “Many of our customers are elderly and like to park up with their disabled badges, we have lost all of these customers.

“Our business, which we have worked hard to build, is failing miserably through no fault of our own.

“The speed in which the contractors are working is shameful with no regard from anyone for the damage this is causing.”

Times Gone By opened five years ago and serves up traditional British food with plenty of nostalgia decorating the walls.

“We are hard working people who now find ourselves sat looking at railings with no footfall at all to us now and it’s depressing,” said Carol.

“Week after week of this is destroying the business We should be compensated from the council not just one utility who offered a drop in the ocean of takings we have lost. We need an incenctive to keep us going.”

The cafe will close for all of January, something the owners have not done before.

“It is usually one of our better months, busier than August. It costs nearly £50 for us to open our doors every day because of the overheads, but it is cheaper for the door to be shut.”

Nigel Atkinson, head of Bridlington Renaissance, said: “The ongoing improvement works in Hilderthorpe Road are an integral part of the regeneration of Bridlington and the council and its contractors would like to thank residents and businesses for their continued patience and understanding whilst this important infrastructure investment takes place.

“Unfortunately, due to the nature of these works, some disruption is inevitable but every effort is being made to keep disruption to a minimum.

“Progress of the work is regularly communicated to residents and businesses by newsletter, through drop-in sessions and by speaking to local groups, including the Bridlington Business Forum.

“Access to properties continues to be maintained at all times in the areas of work and the council’s business advisors are also offering free advice and support, when requested.”