Roadworks back again

Bridge Street'Road to be resurfaced'PA1121-25
Bridge Street'Road to be resurfaced'PA1121-25

A BUSY town centre street is set to be dug up for resurfacing for a second time – after council officials confirmed ‘defective materials’ were used when it was laid.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council said that botched road surfacing material – supplied to them by building company Cemex – means that Bridge Street in Bridlington will need to be dug up – despite only being resurfaced in 2008.

The council believes that materials in the asphalt used on 16 roads across the East Riding – which it said were supplied by Cemex Ltd – may have been contaminated and are to blame for problems which have already appeared on roads in Beverley.

Shop owners in Bridge Street were left furious after delays to roadworks in 2008 hit their trade.

Now for Peter Winterbottom, who owns Betta Sports in Bridge Street, the prospect of more road works is a damaging one.

He said: “I would have to ask why this was not spotted by the engineers at the council the last time they had the street closed, which hurt my business and all the others down the street. I would say that – continued on Page 3

it is simply incompetence, but why am I not surprised? It damaged business last time and it will do again.”

The Scarborough Road roundabout, which is also said to have included the defective material, will be monitored by council officials and may yet need resurfacing.

Areas of the A614 through Burton Agnes will also need resurfacing for a second time.

Now East Riding of Yorkshire Council has summoned suppliers, Cemex Ltd, to a meeting to discuss their proposals for putting the problem right.

David Waudby, head of infrastructure and facilities at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, acknowledged that the disruption for residents and road users was regrettable.

He said: “The council will not be allowing contractors to use similar materials from Cemex in the future until they can demonstrate that the technical issues have been resolved.”

The council said work will be carried out where monitoring shows that road surfaces are failing, under guarantees provided by contractors and suppliers – at no further cost to East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

A timetable for the work in Bridge Street to begin will not be set until East Riding engineers have met with contractors and suppliers.

Henry Walker, whose father owns the Gift Box shop in Bridge Street, said any works throughout the summer season would be “absolutely disastrous” to their trade.

Another worker at the Beachcomber shop further along the street agreed, said: “The last time the road was closed it was terrible for business, people see the barriers on the road, especially tourists, and just walk straight on to somewhere else.”

However, a spokesman for East Riding of Yorkshire Council confirmed the works would be scheduled not to coincide with busy tourist dates.

The spokesmamn said: “We are very sympathetic with businesses who rely on the summer tourist trade in Bridlington, and we will be scheduling any works to happen as far as possible from busy tourist periods, weather permitting.

“The problem is that the road surface will not last as long as it needs to, so the work needs to be done.”

A spokesman for Cemex ltd told the Free Press that while they acknowledge that materials supplied to roads in Beverley were defective, they disputed their involvement in supplying material to the roads in Bridlington and other roads in the East Riding.

They did confirm that they will be meeting with East Riding officials next week to help monitor and provide solutions for affected sites.