Quieter Hour for shoppers each week


Morrisons has introduced a new weekly quieter hour at its Bridlington store, for customers who would like a calmer shopping trip.

It is part of a national scheme to help shoppers who struggle with music and the noise associated with supermarkets.

Between 9am and 10am each Saturday, lights will be dimmed, music switched off, announcements kept to a minimum and beeps and bleeps at the checkout will be turned down at the Bessingby Road branch.

Michael Golby from the Bridlington store said: “Our initial trials showed there is a need for a quieter shopping experience. We hope that these changes make a real difference for some of our customers at our store.”

Quieter Hour has been set up after trials earlier in the year.It has been created with the support of the National Autistic Society, which said many people who are autistic or have autistic children can find supermarket shopping an anxious experience.