Premier Inn ‘targets’ Brid

Whitbread owns Premier Inns
Whitbread owns Premier Inns

A national hotel chain is preparing to submit plans to build a new hotel in Bridlington it is hoped.

Plans are already believed to have been drawn up for the site’s location, but Premier Inn could not confirm this.

Guesthouse and hotel owners have known about Premier Inn’s plans for some time, with most agreeing the national company’s interest in a town which relies so heavily on tourism can only be a good thing.

“There are so many guest houses and other accommodations in Bridlington that provide just as good quality of a service as Premier Inn does.

“It could be a good thing because those properties and businesses who don’t provide such a great quality of service will have to their game in to play. There are not many of them because the vast majority are good quality, but there are one or two that may tip over the edge once Premier Inn arrives.

“A lot of people will go to Premier Inn because they know what they are going to get. But they are not a hotel - they are very much an ‘inn’. They provide a bedroom but they don’t provide the full service of a hotel.”

It is no secret that a large scale hotel to serve the Spa is part of the council’s regeneration plan, following the company’s proposal to the construct a new building at Hilderthorpe Road Coach Park last year.

Bob Hillary, the chairman of Bridlington Tourism Association, believes the Premier Inn will boost trade in Bridlington as well as the number of those visiting the town.

“As far as the Association is concerned it is a good thing,” he said. “A lot of conferences which use Bridlington Spa for their venue no longer come because there is not enough accommodation in the town.

“Bridlington needs a big hotel to encourage big trade unions to hold their conferences at the Spa. At the moment we offer a venue which can accommodate them, but not enough accommodation.

“We need to be able to put up a couple of hundred visitors in a hotel at one time.

“I don’t think Premier Inn will damage smaller guest houses and businesses.”

Mr Hillary added that an increase in the number of conferences particularly during the winter period, will also increase turnover for other local businesses.

Gina Renaut-Evans, who runs the Blantyre Guest House with her husband David, is confident a large chain hotel will not severely impact her business.

“I think for a big national chain to be interested in building in Bridlington can only be a good thing,” she said. “If we want to expand on regeneration in the town we have to have bigger hotels.

“I think people will still come to the smaller guest houses. We get loyal customers returning to us every year, and we get to see their children grow up. We offer a different atmosphere.

“There will be people going to Premier Inn, because they know what they will be getting. You just have to think if someone is investing in Bridlington, you have to embrace it.”

Premier Inn have yet to confirm the exact location and date for the new hotel’s construction, but the firm has identified Bridlington Esplanade in their ‘Target Towns List’ for 2015.