New supermarket on track for Bridlington

New shop development under way
New shop development under way

A new supermarket is on track to open in Bridlington this October.

The convenience store, an M Local, is to open on Flamborough Road on the long derelict former site of Buckrose Motors, creating 20 jobs in the process.

The land has been dubbed as one of the town’s most unattractive spots since Buckrose Motors closed more than 15 years ago.

Planning permission for a convenience store was refused in 2002, however East Riding of Yorkshire Council agreed to the small-scale supermarket with 16 parking spaces.

Property development firm Tamsland has been working in conjunction with its development partner, Wetherby-based Caddick Developments Limited, and expect the work to be completed by mid-September.

Nick Wright, director of Tamsland, said: “When the work is completed, Morrsions will take over to make the store ready for business which is due before mid October.

“This area of Bridlington has been identified to be of need of a convenience store. We have faith that the store will be successful. It is great to see the eyesore site be redeveloped to be back in normal use after all these years.”

Morrisons spokesperson, Laura Stubbs, said: “We’re looking forward to bringing a Morrisons M local to Bridlington.

“Our store will focus on selling fresh food and we’ve recruited a fantastic team to work in our store.

“Work is progressing well on site and we aim to open during the Autumn.”

The new M Local joins the larger Morrisons store on Bessingby Road which has recently extended its opening hours and ploughed £50,000 into refurbishing customer facilities.

The proposal has been approved by East Riding of Yorkshire Council as a delegated decision with a number of conditions, including the need to properly landscape around the site to protect neighbouring properties on First Avenue. Opening hours are also limited to between 6am and 11pm.

Morrisons’ plan was backed by Bridlington Town Council, however when plans for the store were reported in the Free Press in February Neil Watson, chair of Bridlington’s Chamber of Trade, raised concerns about the impact it could have on the town.

He said: “It is positive that Morrisons think it is worthwhile investing further in the town. As the redevelopment of the town centre goes through it is important to make sure that we keep the character of the town.

“You need to attract people to Bridlington and you don’t do that by it becoming like everywhere else. It is showing investment in the town and so long as there are not too many, I think it is good.”