New home needed for the world’s biggest jigsaw

Ronald Hunter with the 24,000-piece  jigsaw which is framed and on display at a garage in Flamborough.
Ronald Hunter with the 24,000-piece jigsaw which is framed and on display at a garage in Flamborough.

They’re not quite in pieces about it, but a couple from Flamborough are resigned to the fact they are going to have to find a new home for what was once the world’s biggest jigsaw.

Ronald and Jacqueline Hunter are moving and will no longer have room for the giant puzzle – which is in the Guinness Book of Records.

The jigsaw in all its glory

The jigsaw in all its glory

So their next challenge is to find somewhere locally with a wall large enough to display it, and possibly find a way of raising money for charity with it.

Jacqueline said: “It’s 24,000 pieces and is mounted in a frame in the double garage at our home. We did it over in West Yorkshire for a charity, as we got used to life after retirement, but now we are in the process of moving home and it only has a single garage.

“We did it in our conservatory, in 4ft by 2ft sections, and then put them together. We glued it all down so it can’t be damaged.”

The finished jigsaw, which is called Life, measures 14ft 7ins by 5ft 7ins (4.44m by 1.7m) and features a colourful scene with animals, an underwater city and balloons among the details.

Several versions were made, but the couple – who paid £250 – believe they may be the only people in the UK to have one, and they know that other people around the world finished it much quicker than they did. Since they completed the massive jigsaw, it’s place in the record books has been taken by a 33,000-piece puzzle. Ronald said: “We raised £1,500 when we did it and we’d like it to go to somewhere like a school, or somebody who can display it and make some more money.

“People only see it now when the garage doors are open. Those who do see think it’s amazing and can’t believe it’s a jigsaw to start with.”

The Hunters spent 798 hours, over 18 months, working on the puzzle, only to discover there were only 23,999 pieces in their box!

“When we did it, there was a piece missing,” Jacqueline admitted. “We contacted the manufacturers in Spain but they didn’t get back to us so we had to make our own from a photograph.

“It’s so big though, that it would be a challenge to find that piece. We really struggle to spot it sometimes.”

If you know anywhere which has the space to safely display the giant jigsaw, email or call 07803 506517 and we will put you in touch with Mr and Mrs Hunter.