New Brid pharmacy firm to create up to 20 jobs

James Hesp and Richard Hoggart of Care Meds UK.
James Hesp and Richard Hoggart of Care Meds UK.

A NEW pharmaceutical distribution facility with an NHS contract to supply prescription medication nationally is about to open in Bridlington with the creation of up to 20 jobs.

Care Meds UK is a new business which has been established by Bridlington businessmen James Hesp and Richard Hoggart and will specialise in supplying medicines into care homes.

Mr Hesp, who owns an existing pharmacy company Meds UK Ltd, and Mr Hoggart who owns care home company Burlington Care decided to pool their expertise in their respective fields after recognising a need for this type of large scale distribution service not just in Yorkshire but across the country as a whole.

The facility will prepare and deliver prescription medication to residents in care homes and 
residential homes on a national basis, and will also accept prescriptions by mail from the general public.

The company, based on the Bessingby Industrial Estate, is expected to be up and running from tomorrow and has been recruiting staff, including pharmacists, technicians and dispensary staff, needed to man the operation.

Mr Hesp said: “It’s not a new idea but it’s something that’s not being done in this area.

“We are keen to work with care home operators on a national 
basis and we have got the facilities and logistics to be able to do that.”

“We intend to open duplicate facilities in other areas across the country to expand our operations but it will be a Bridlington grown and established company,” he added.

The company has distribution rights for the ‘Biodose’ medicines management system – a state of the art medicines tray which minimises the chance of errors in the administration process.