KFC looking at sites in Bridlington

SINCE the closure of McDonalds on Prince Street was announced, many Brid residents have called for another fast-food franchise to open in its place - Kentucky Fried Chicken.

We asked KFC if they would consider opening one of their restaurants in the town, possibly at Prince Street.

A spokesperson for KFC said: “We’d love to open a restaurant in Bridlington because we know there’s huge demand for KFC in the area and a new store would create around 30 jobs for the community.

“We’re looking at a number of locations for a new drive-thru restaurant and although Prince Street is not one of them, we would love to hear any suggestions for a suitable site.”

The Free Press Facebook has also been buzzing with comments, many surprised to see a restaurant closing that seems so busy.

David and Amanda Atkins, from York, are regular visitors to Bridlington, and are currently on a week‘s holiday in the town with their four-year-old daughter Emily and William, who is four months old.

David said: “We come here every year and we were surprised to see it was going to close - it always seems busy and is a popular choice for tourists and residents as well I think.

“Bridlington is obviously well known for its fish and chips but if you are here for more than one day you want to eat something different for dinner so having a McDonalds here helps.”

The family were just about to head into the Prince Street restaurant at the request of Emily, 4.

Amanda continued: “The kids enjoy going, in fact we are just heading in now because Emily wanted to go there today.

“There is another one in town but its a bit far if you haven’t got the car with you. I don’t think it will stop people visiting but it will be missed.”

Lucy Naylor, a 26-year-old from Hull was visiting friends in Bridlington with her son Brandon, 3.

She said: “I don’t really go to McDonalds very often but it is always good to know that there is one in a town because you know what you are going to get and kids enjoy it.

“It seems busy today so maybe a new shop will open there and be successful.”

A group of local teenagers left the restaurant on Prince Street, saying that they eat regularly there.

14-year-old Tim said: “It is too far to go to Bessingby Road for a McDonald’s - it’s easy to come in here when you are in town.”

Bethany, 15, said: “I like going in because you know what kind of thing you like to eat in there - but you can get chips anywhere and there will still be one around.”

Luke, 15, said: “I’m going to miss it I think, I like coming here when I am not at school.”