Discounted housing coming to Bridlington?

An artist's depiction of the proposed development which could see 12 homes constructed off Scarborough Road
An artist's depiction of the proposed development which could see 12 homes constructed off Scarborough Road

A charitable group is seeking permission to build 12 new homes in Bridlington with a view to rent them at discounted prices to disabled people.

If the proposed development at 45 Scarborough Road receives planning consent, the Lord Feoffees plan to rent out the constructed homes to disabled people at discount prices.

The area is currently a derelict brownfield site having been initially established as a dairy yard and later used for a car wash and a scaffolding company.

In their planning statement written on behalf of the Lord Feoffees, Salt Architects said: “The properties would not be sold on and would form part of the Lords Feoffees property portfolio aimed at securing and increasing the net income into the longer term which in turn would be used to allow substantial funds to be expended on higher education, scholarship grants and charitable donations to help individuals and organisations in Bridlington.

“The growth in population and the trend of smaller households places pressure on the demand for new housing. Local evidence also highlights a high need for more affordable housing, with particular affordability issues in rural parts of the authority. The [Area Action] Plan therefore needs to make provision for increasing the supply of land for housing, balancing the needs and demands derived from population and demographic change with the constraints and wider policy objectives.”

The plans have been supported by a number of groups including Bridlington Civic Society, who welcomed the proposal as a remedy to the town’s lack of appropriate housing for disabled people.

Civic Society member Maureen Bell said: “We are very pleased to support the above application. There is an urgent need for low-cost housing for rent, and for dwellings that can be adapted to the frail/disabled.

“This development is particularly welcome because of its location on the edge of Old Town. It will contribute to the viability of the Old town; it is close to transport links and facilities like schools and hospitals; it makes efficient use of a derelict brown-field site.

“It is an efficient use of an irregular piece of ground, but through the soft landscaping and facilities within the complex like parking and wheelie bins appears to be an attractive addition to the housing stock.”

Despite a staunch level of support for the project, including that the Town Council, would-be neighbours on Scarborough Road have voiced concerns that such a development would have negative impact on their lives.

Tina and Richard Bennett of Scarborough Road said: “The entrance to the proposed site is very close to the roundabout, we feel it is in a dangerous position and additional concentration of traffic will create problems for motorists.

“Presently parking along Scarborough Road is of the minimum having very few parking for Scarborough Road residents due to all the double yellow lines.”

Mr and Mrs P Cook added their voices to the concern, saying: “A two story dwelling built tight up to the boundary with out property will overshadow our bungalow and driveway, cutting out most the light and sunshine we currently enjoy. At present, our back garden is not overlooked and totally private.”

The application is still pending consideration and may go before a council planning committee if there are too many objections.