Digital help for local job seekers

Work coach Joanne Cowan helps June Moore
Work coach Joanne Cowan helps June Moore

Staff at Bridlington’s job centre have been encouraging clients to improve their internet skills in a bid to find work.

The centre, based at Crown Buildings, has been taking part in the national Get Online Week.

Work coach Ian Todd promotes Get Online Week

Work coach Ian Todd promotes Get Online Week

It has teamed up with local employers and East Riding College to try to give out-of-work residents the skills to make themselves more employable.

Universal credit work coach Ian Todd said the current job market in Bridlington was in a reasonably healthy state but Get Online Week would give job-seekers the chance to get a head-start on their rivals.

He said: “It is a national event which is run every year.

“In this modern age, we need to help our claimants become more digitally involved.

“They need to improve their skills and we can offer them support.

A lot of our customers are just used to filling in a form on a piece of paper and need help with doing that on computers.

“These days, some companies want you to make a YouTube video and email it to them as part of their recruitment.

“Just because people don’t know how to do that now, it mustn’t mean that we can’t help them to do it and work coaches will be doing one-to-one sessions focusing on digital help.”

The Digital Eagles team from Barclays were due at the centre yesterday to carry out one-to-one interviews with job seekers and give them advice on how to be more internet-savvy.

Earlier in the week, staff from Tesco and McDonald’s were due to visit the centre in Quay Road and Papa John’s, the new pizza restaurant opening in the Promenades Shopping Centre, were carrying out interviews.

Representatives from East Riding College in Bridlington were also running sessions to promote their courses in basic IT skills.

Get Online Week is now in its 10th year and claims to have helped almost 300,000 people across the country discover the benefits of having good computer skills