Councillors urge residents to take up flood protection grants


The tidal surge flooding of early December 2013 brought misery and trauma to more than 200 East Riding homes and businesses.

Afterwards, the Government announced that money would be available to help property owners.

The money is aimed at improving the future resilience of premises to future flooding and offers an important opportunity for residents to get up to five thousand pounds to directly help them improve their homes.

East Riding of Yorkshire Councillor Symon Fraser, whose Cabinet portfolio includes Flood Protection, said, “There has been a very slow take up of this grant money, East Riding residents are amazingly resilient and have displayed their usual get on with life and sort it out mentality. Only a handful of people have applied and we are in danger of letting the government get off lightly by not taking advantage of this money. People who think they might benefit from these funds should contact the Council to find out how to apply for it.”

Local Ward Councillor Julie Abraham remarked, “It was distressing to see the impact of the December tidal surge on some homes in North Ferriby and the Parish Council and I have worked with residents and the Environment Agency to identify exactly what happened and what needs to be done to hopefully prevent a repeat occurrance. However, it is also important that eligible residents take advantage of the grant funding that has been made available to protect their property as much as possible.”

Councillor Chris Matthews whose Cabinet portfolio covers emergency planning and flood recovery added, “The aftermath of flooding and the recovery operation is a deeply stressful experience for residents and business owners. Anything that can be done to protect a property for the future has to be money well spent. I really would urge residents to apply, I know that as with all government funds there are rules and criteria which include or exclude some things but the Council is able to advise and help individuals to access the money if at all possible. Phone up and find out, it’s only one call and it could really help.”

North Ferriby Parish Council Chairman Councillor John Mabbett commented, “In North Ferriby we are really aware of how difficult the last few months have been for residents. I would strongly urge anyone who has had work done to their property or is going to have work done to phone the Council to check if they qualify for any of this money”.

Contact details for residents wishing to check on funding would be Paul Bellotti 01482 393939 and contact details for businesses wishing to check would be Caroline Lacey 01482 393939.