Concern over plans for caravan site

South Cliff Caravan Park Bridlington
South Cliff Caravan Park Bridlington

Members of a caravan site’s forum committee have hit out at East Riding of Yorkshire Council plans which will see owners have to give up caravans older than 18 years.

The present system at South Cliff Caravan Park requires caravan owners to obtain licence for 10 years plus five annual licences, after which an annual inspection is required at a cost of around £225.

The site’s forum committee say the new plans, currently under consideration, will see the current ‘MOT system’ scrapped in favour of a requirement for owners to purchase either a brand new caravan after 18 years, or a pre-owned one from a council approved dealer.

Committee members also claim the East Riding of Yorkshire Council will receive 20% commission from the sale of the pre-owned caravans.

Harry Kinder, of the South Cliff Caravan Park Customer Forum Committee said: “People just don’t know what to do.

“A lot will not be able to afford a new caravans after the 18-year-period and people have already spent a lot of money and time upgrading them.

“Ultimately, people cannot afford a new caravan, so they will leave the site.

“We don’t understand why it has to be 18 years - we would be happy with 20 years because that’s how long the very first caravan owners on the site will have had their caravans on for, so we think it’s only fair that everyone is allowed 20 years.”

Mr Kinder also expressed his concern at the vitality of South Cliff Caravan Site, as he and fellow caravan owner Ken Robinson, believe the change will put potential customers off choosing to settle their caravans in Bridlington.

Mr Robinson added: “It would be a counter-productive move by the council if raising cash it the aim of this change to the previous MOT system.”

An East Riding of Yorkshire Council spokesperson said: “The council is currently reviewing the terms and conditions of caravan ownership at South Cliff Caravan Park.

“The council has discussed the possible changes with the park’s customer forum and if any changes are to be proposed, they will be considered in due course by the council’s cabinet.”