Clampdown on colour around the seafront

Properties around The Crescent would be affected
Properties around The Crescent would be affected

New restrictions could be brought in to protect the appearance of historic buildings around Bridlington’s seafront.

They are designed to stop people painting properties in The Crescent, Marlborough Terrace and Cliff Street in outrageous colours.

The streets form part of the Bridlington Quay Conservation Area, which is one of only two areas classed as at risk in the East Riding .

In some cases, landlords would need to obtain planning permission for works that would not need approval in other parts of town - and that includes the shade of paint they use.

Townscape heritage officer Tania Weston said: “There was a very famous case in London where a house was painted with red stripes, although that is an extreme of what could potentially happen.

“The area around the Crescent gardens is a great example of late Victorian architecture, with buildings of the same design by the same architect at the same time, and we want to protect them.

“When they were first built, they would have been a uniform colour.

“We have come up with a colour palette of mainly neutral colours which we think will preserve and enhance the area. These are really nice buildings and we want them to remain so.”

The issue will be presented to members of East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s cabinet next week and a consultation period could begin in the new year.