Bridlington’s shopping centre to hold its first Autism Hour

Carl Brown. Promenades manager
Carl Brown. Promenades manager

The Promenades Shopping Centre has pledged to take part in an event which will make shopping a less anxious experience for people with autism.

It is getting involved in a scheme organised by the National Autistic Society, which found that 64% of people with the condition avoid going to the shops.

They can find social situations difficult and can find busy places like shopping centres to be overwhelming, but the society says small steps like dimming lights and lowering the volume of music can make a huge difference.

The campaign also urges shops to educate their staff about autism and how they can help customers.

The Promenades will be holding an Autism Hour on Monday from 10am.

Centre manager Carl Brown said: “The Autism Hour is a fantastic initiative and we’re delighted to help support this in our local community.

“We want to make everyone aware of this initiative and give autistic people the opportunity to visit the centre at a time which will make them feel comfortable when shopping at the Promenades and show the rest of the community how, what we may perceive as minor things can impact someone’s shopping experience in a huge way.”

Mark Lever, chief executive at the National Autistic Society, said: “We want to show retailers the small things they can do to help open up the high street for autistic people. “