Bridlington is top for ‘nostalgia and charm’

Bridlington in the sunshine
Bridlington in the sunshine

Bridlington might be looking at how it moves into the future, but it’s old-fashioned appeal has impressed travel experts.

The Daily Telegraph has it at number one in a list of ‘14 great British destinations that ooze nostalgia and charm’.

It describes the pace of the resort as ‘not frenetic’, but the laid-back life goes in Bridlngton’s favour.

“Forget Blackpool’s brashness, Brighton’s sophistication or Southwold’s studied chic. For nostalgia, and a lingering wistfulness, head to the seaside resort of Bridlington,” the article says.

The Isle of Wight, Berwick upon Tweed and Sidmouth in Devon are among the other places on the list.