Bridlington Harbour could be getting a new feature for visitors

South pier at Bridlington Harbour
South pier at Bridlington Harbour

Plans have been submitted for a new interactive feature at Bridlington Harbour.

Marine Scientific Services Ltd wants to install a 43-inch information screen at the fish quay on south pier, which would give visitors a flavour of the fishing industry and life at sea.

In his application form to East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Dr John Terschak said: “We would like to install an electronic display, capable of both audio and video, enclosed in weather-proof housing on the public right-of-way on the first floor of the Fish Quay of South Pier of Bridlington Harbour outside of the future shellfish laboratory.

“The purpose of this display is to provide short video clips showing the heritage of fishing families of the local area, modern fishing techniques, life at sea, the journey a lobster takes from sea to plate, a description of the shellfish laboratory, and similar content of interest to the community and visitors.

“Additionally, static notices will be inserted between video clips providing notice to mariners, weather and tide information, a calendar of harbour events, and similar content of interest primarily to harbour users but possibly of interest to visitors as well.

“At this time, there are no plans to sell advertising space on the display, but this may change.

“The display will also be linked to the laboratory in that public engagement events occuring regularly will allow a live video feed from microscopes to the display such that visitors can see the research being conducted without the necessity of being invited into the laboratory work area.”

The screen would show videos between 8am and 6pm, and information messages round-the-clock, although conservation officers have suggested a dawn to dusk time constraint as it would be more prominent in darkness hours and have a greater impact on the setting of the listed piers.

Bridlington Town Council has said it supports the plan.