An adventure of a lifetime

The Bridlington team at Rockcity in Hull
The Bridlington team at Rockcity in Hull

A group of job seekers are setting sail on adventure they hope will lead to a bright future.

For the first time, Hull-based charity Catzero is running a project in Bridlington, working with 14 unemployed people.

One of the highlights of their 12-week programme comes when they crew a 72ft Challenge yacht for a day.

Catzero programme manager Pete Tighe said: “They will be doing an overnight sail with us, where they will get out into the North Sea.

“It’s not an easy trip, especially at this time of year. They have to do the cooking, the cleaning and the engineering and they will be at the helm of the boat.

“However, it is a fantastic experience for them and will be a great chance for them to get together and work as a team.

“Attendance on the course so far has been really good, and that is a positive sign.”

The project started last month and runs until just before Christmas.

The job-seekers involved are aged from 28 to 58 and attend classes, from food hygiene to fire safety, at the Key Centre at Christ Church.

By the end of the 12-week programme they will have had the chance to obtain six different qualifications.

They are also hosting a Christmas lunch, where they will have had to do all the budgeting, time management and food preparation.

Mr Tighe added: “It’s all about getting them back into employment.

“One of the group will already be starting an apprenticeship in January that we have found for him so things are already moving along.

“It is quite a hard market, finding jobs in Bridlington at the minute.

“But by having this on their CV, it will show everybody that they have done things, rather than sitting at home for the past 12 weeks.”

“We are getting good results in terms of getting people into work in the three month period after the programme, but we realise there aren’t as many jobs out there in Bridlington at this time of year.”