45 years and out


A FORMER employee at a Bridlington factory has retired after 45 years with the same company.

John Ibbetson started working at Edward Fison Ltd in Bridlington, now called Muntons Maltings, in 1967.

For 15 years John worked at the maltings as a laboratory assistant, testing barley samples before they were delivered.

John then moved to Suffolk to work in homebrew production and has now retired after 45 years of working at Muntons. John had several roles within the company and he is the longest serving staff member at Muntons.

He said: “Over my years at Muntons I have seen people come and go. I have always enjoyed the company of those I work with and it is the people I will miss.” A spokerson for Muntons thanked John for his many years of dedication to the company and wish him a happy retirement.