Business raided by burglars

ABC Scaffolders Scarborough Road'�30,000 worth of equitment stolen'PA1129-6a'Gates cut open to gain access
ABC Scaffolders Scarborough Road'�30,000 worth of equitment stolen'PA1129-6a'Gates cut open to gain access

A LOCAL business lost over £30,000 worth of vehicles and equipment when burglars raided the site in broad daylight.

ABC Scaffolding, on Scarborough Road, Bridlington, was broken into at about 4.30pm on Saturday afternoon by burglars who cut through the metal gates.

They stole an orange Volvo truck, a white Transit van, three Stihl saws and a number of expensive tools.

And the brazen crooks even stopped off at a petrol station 10 minutes down the road to fill the stolen truck with petrol.

A 42-year-old man from Driffield was spoken to by police in connection with the incident, but was later released without charge.

ABC Scaffolding has only been operating in Bridlington since December and contracts manager Brad Heaton described the burglary as ‘a big knock’.

He said: “It is a tremendous blow to a local business.

“Since we came here we have worked hard along with our employees in harsh economic times to try and establish a new business in Bridlington, and it is a sad day for small businesses when this kind of thing happens.

“We are still in the process of working out the exact value of the goods, it is a significant value of at least £30,000 I would say.

“The truck alone was worth a lot of money, it’s a big knock.”

The stolen truck was spotted by Mr Heaton’s friend as it was being driven out of Bridlington down the Well Lane bypass.

He thought that nobody should have been working with the truck at that time and promptly contacted Mr Heaton, who knew for sure that the truck should have been safely locked in the compound at that time of the day.

Mr Heaton rushed to the Scarborough Road compound to discover that the metal gates had been cut through, and burglars had even used a forklift truck to move other vehicles out of the way to get to the vehicle they wanted.

He said: “They must have some bottle to have done this in broad daylight and then to fill up the truck at the EE Why service station 10 minutes away.

“We don’t know if they climbed in and used our tools to cut through the gate or whether they used their own.

“The truck is bright orange and we can only hope that somebody will remember seeing it on the Saturday, there may be people out there who have small bits of information that the police can use to help them.”

Mr Heaton said he believed the vehicles would be broken up and sold for scrap.

Despite the loss of the tools and vehicles, the company, which employs around 20 people who deliver and erect scaffolding, has still managed to fulfil all its work commitments and Mr Heaton is confident that it will continue to flourish.

Anyone who may be able to help police with their enquiries is asked to call them on 0845 6060222 quoting log 611 of July 16.