Buckrose Ward plans to go on show at Bridlington Spa

Bridlington Hospital Scene Setters'NBFP PA1312-5b'Hospital Entrance
Bridlington Hospital Scene Setters'NBFP PA1312-5b'Hospital Entrance

Members of the public have the opportunity to give their views about a proposed loss of beds at Bridlington Hospital’s Buckrose Ward.

A public exhibition about the East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group’s (CCG) plans for the future of the mental health inpatient ward at Bridlington Hospital will be held at Bridlington Spa this Monday September 30, from 3pm until 5pm and then from 5.30pm to 7.30pm.

It will give people a chance to meet with members of the CCG, hear a presentation about the proposals and ask questions.

At last week’s full meeting of Bridlington Town Council, councillors voted to support the CCG’s preferred option of moving beds away from Bridlington Hospital.

The CCG has put forward three options for the future of Buckrose Ward - the first is to leave services as they are, the second is to spend money to improve the Bridlington unit and the third is to close 12 beds at Bridlington and resite eight at Hull.

The CCG has chosen option three as its preferred option - while a local campaign has urged people in Bridlington to stand up for option two.

Around 6,000 letters, produced by Flamborough Parish Councillor and long time health campaigner May Sexton and backed by Unite the union, have been handed out around Bridlington and Flamborough, including at the Free Press office on Prospect Street. More than 125 have already been handed in at the office, and posted to the CCG to become part of their consultation.

At last week’s full town council meeting, councillors voted to make responses together as a full council, instead of individually, before taking a vote on which option the town council would support.

Councillors discussed the plans outlined in the CCG’s consultation, which says that improving the Buckrose Ward at Bridlington Hospital could cost around £1.5m and that there are plans to move other services on to the ward including Neighbourhood Care Teams, Older People’s Mental Health teams, Working Age Adult Mental Health teams and Psychological and Physical Wellbeing services.

At a vote of the eight councillors present, Shelagh Finlay, John Copsey, Jackie Foster, Ray Allerston, David Metcalfe and Jim Carder voted to support option three.

Bridlington MP Greg Knight disagrees with the reasons behind the CCG’s preferred option.

Speaking in the Free Press he said: “I have always supported having services at Bridlington Hospital, and I do not agree with the reasons put forward for their preferred option, which appear to be misguided.

“One reason put forward in their documents is that the ward does not have a clear line of sight. This is guidance not a rule.”

In a letter to the Free Press, Alex Seale, director of commissioning and transformation at the CCG, said: “Mental health patients falling into the low risk category will benefit from improved and strengthened home treatment and crisis resolution services being delivered within their community.

“These services will support patients, including those in Bridlington, who might otherwise have been admitted as an inpatient. Inpatient treatment, for those who need it, would be delivered within modern, purpose built single-sex accommodation.

“The focus of the review is around improving local patient experience and health outcomes whilst making the best use of NHS resources.”

The consultation runs until October 18.