Buckrose Ward at Bridlington Hospital to close

Bridlington Hospital Scene Setters'NBFP PA1312-5a'Entrance Sign
Bridlington Hospital Scene Setters'NBFP PA1312-5a'Entrance Sign

NHS East Riding of Yorkshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has agreed to close 12 beds on Buckrose Ward at Bridlington Hospital and move eight beds to Hull.

The working age adult mental health inpatients service is a specialist service for people with acute mental health problems serving a relatively small portion of the population in the East Riding.

The CCG believes that this solution will provide high quality, safe and sustainable working age adult mental health inpatient services. Implementation of the preferred option will also include an increase in staffing levels in community crisis resolution and home treatment services

The CCG has also agreed to incorporate actions that respond to concerns raised in the recent public consultation which include ensuring:

• Patients and their carers are assisted with transport;

• Carers are supported through the carers assessment process;

• Staff are redeployed to other inpatient facilities and the crisis resolution and home treatment teams with no reduction in total clinical staffing levels;

• The vacated space at Bridlington Hospital is used appropriately for the health and wellbeing needs of the local population, so that the investment already made in the Buckrose Ward is not lost as services are relocated.

Jane Hawkard, chief officer at the East Riding of Yorkshire CCG, said: ”We would like to thank everyone who gave their views in the recent public consultation.

“We recognise that the consultation generated a lot of interest from residents in Bridlington and the surrounding area concerned about changes to services provided at Bridlington Hospital, and loss of previous investment in the Buckrose Ward.

“This is understandable, however our major priorities when considering service change must always be around patient safety and improved patient experience. We have sought to find appropriate solutions to the concerns raised in the consultation and remain committed to commissioning safe, sustainable, high quality, accessible services for our local population.”

As yet, there is no timescale as to when the closure will take place.

More than 500 people in Bridlington sent a petition letter to the CCG to urge them to reconsider their plans, and keep Buckrose open.