British Heart Foundation responds to complaints about fund-raisers in Bridlington

British Heart Foundation
British Heart Foundation

Fund-raisers who are operating in Bridlington will be monitored closely after a number of complaints about their behaviour on social media.

There have been several posts in the last 48 hours about the conduct of the teams who are collecting for the British Heart Foundation in and around the town centre.

Residents had complained that the fund-raisers had been going door-to-door late into the evening, adopting 'intimidating' stances and being aggressive when householders said they did not want to donate.

One poster said she had been disturbed at home at 9pm, writing: "My kids are in bed, I’m trying to chill and I’m in my pyjamas. Why so late in the evening?"

The Free Press contacted the British Heart Foundation to ask if the teams were genuine collectors who were representing the charity.

Nick Georgiadis, a drector of fund-raising at the British Heart Foundation, said: "Our supporters are at the heart of everything we do at the British Heart Foundation, including our life saving research into new treatments and cures for heart and circulatory disease.

"We’re committed to the highest standards of fund-raising, which includes respecting people’s wishes when asking for their support.

“To ensure we maintain these standards, all fund-raisers are extensively trained before starting with us, and we do not accept any behaviour that falls short of our expectations.

"We have re-iterated to our fundraisers in the area the high standards we expect of them, and will continue to monitor the team closely.

"If anyone has specific concerns, we would encourage them to contact us immediately.”