Britax to talk to staff about future

Bridlington's Britax office on Bessingby Industrial Estate
Bridlington's Britax office on Bessingby Industrial Estate

A vehicle lighting manufacturer has told its staff it is considering plans to relocate some or potentially all of its Bridlington factories to a new site in Leeds.

The Free Press broke the news of plans in November 2015 after staff at Britax PMG Ltd, on Bessingby Industrial Estate, were worried their jobs could be under threat after a planning application was submitted to Leeds City Council.

A chief planning officer’s report read: “Presently, the business has two offices including a larger premises in Bridlington and one in Leeds, employing 85 staff.”

Now, Ecco Safety Group (ESG), owners of Britax PMG and Premier Hazard, confirmed the proposals have been designed in order for the business to grow.

An ESG spokesman said: “Currently the business works across six different buildings and the proposed plans would consolidate three separate factories. This proposal has been designed to make our business more competitive by modernising facilities and moving closer to top universities. ESG are determined to grow within Yorkshire.”

Staff at the factory, which celebrated its 50th anniversary of Bridlington-based manufacturing in 2013, have expressed concerns regarding their future.

One unnamed employee told the Free Press in November: “I don’t think anyone would move from Bridlington to Leeds just to keep their job at Britax. They would spend a good portion of their wages just getting there. We want them to stay in Bridlington. It’s a big part of the town – it’s up there with the area’s biggest employers.”

Ecco Safety Group currently has offices in both Bridlington and Leeds.

“This relocation is still a proposal under review and no decision will be made until we have consulted directly with our valued employees to consider their opinion and discuss viable alternatives to remain in Bridlington,” an ESG spokesman added.

“We will shortly be commencing a period of collective consolation on our relocation proposal.”