Bridlington women cut off hair for children’s charity

Nikki Ward and Sophie Boyes had there hair cut for charity.''PA1232-15a
Nikki Ward and Sophie Boyes had there hair cut for charity.''PA1232-15a

OVER 20 inches of hair was donated by two women to a trust which makes wigs for children who lose hair through illness.

Sophie Boyes, 31, of Avocet Way, and Nikki Ward, 35, of Bronte Walk, had their hair cut at Shades of Hair, in Quay Road last week, and donated it to The Little Princess Trust.

Sophie, who had her hair cut on Wednesday, August 8, recruited eight other people to donate their hair, which will be plaited and sent by post to the trust.

Nikki donated around 10 inches of hair on Thursday, August 9, and Sophie, who has been growing hers for a year, donated 12-and-a-half inches, with the pair also raising around £200 for the trust.

Sophie said: “A lot of people don’t know about the charity, I was in the hairdressers telling them about it and I had one person in tears.”

Sophie had originally planned to hold the haircut in November, but the group of women were eager to have their hair cut earlier as it had grown to the required length of seven to 10 inches to make a wig.

She said: “The whole time you are having it done you are thinking that there is a little boy or girl somewhere who will definitely benefit from it.

“I’m a mother myself and when your children get poorly you wish you could take the pain away.

“What the parents do is to help make it a little bit better.”

Nikki said: “I was a bit nervous because it was going so short, but it is going to grow back.

“I think I would do it again.”

The Little Princess Trust was founded by the parents of Hannah Tarplee following her death from cancer in 2005, and relies on donations from individuals to continue producing wigs.

The trust has given away over a thousand wigs to boys and girls in the UK and Ireland since its inception.

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