Bridlington woman jailed for smuggling drugs into prison in her pants

Mark Patton and Debbie Burgin outside Hull Crown Court at an earlier hearing.
Mark Patton and Debbie Burgin outside Hull Crown Court at an earlier hearing.

THE girlfriend of a Bridlington man sentenced to two years in Hull Prison for child sex abuse has been jailed for 18-months for attempting to smuggle drugs to him before his early release.

Drug-courier Debbie Burgin, 31, hid two grams of cocaine and heroin in her pants after receiving the package through the post.

She made a dry run to the prison to see her partner Mark Patton, 35, of Haslemere Avenue, Bridlington, who was jailed in August 2011 for sexually abusing a teenage girl. He had appeared in court alongside his own father Christopher Patton, 61, who was jailed for 18 years for child abuse.

Ms Burgin knew Patton before he was jailed. She lost her nerve with the initial dry run.

However, on July 10, Burgin returned on one of her regular visits to see Patton carrying the drugs inside her pants.

Burgin, of Beaufort Grove, Hull, pleaded guilty to one charge of attempting to take drugs into prison and appeared for sentence at Hull Crown Court on Friday September 28.

Crown barrister Claire Reed said Burgin was asked if she had drugs on her by the prison staff and she admitted she had. She was strip searched to reveal the drugs.

She told police she had been telephoned by an unknown male who told her she would get a package in the post.

He said if she did not take it into prison Mr Patton would be harmed and her house firebombed. She did not report it to police.

Defence barrister Geoff Flemming said: “She has paid a substantial price for the folly she became involved in. This was supply in the course of a relationship by her to someone she knew was using drugs.

She had been visiting her partner in prison on the occasions she was permitted to. A reference has described her as diligent, hardworking and polite. She is a naïve woman.”

Recorder Caroline Wigin ordered Burgin to stand as she told her: “This is a case of category A drugs being taken into prison. I understand custody is inevitable. It is only a question of length.

“You were involved naively and I accept there was a degree of exploitation.”

Burgin was jailed for 18 months. Mark Patton, now released on license from his sentence after 12 months, was sat in the public gallery and shouted across court: “Love you. Be strong. Ring me.”