Bridlington woman hurt in ‘dangerous’ pavement accident

Margaret Wilson of Laburnum Drive showing the injuries she received after falling on new tarmac.
Margaret Wilson of Laburnum Drive showing the injuries she received after falling on new tarmac.

A pensioner was left with a black eye after she fell on an uneven pavement which had recently been resurfaced by council contractors.

Margaret Wilson, 74, of Laburnum Court, Bridlington, was rushed to hospital after she fell on her street, cutting her right eye, grazing her hands and damaging her legs, knee and back.

She said: “I was bleeding, I cut my brow and I have got a black eye. My husband has also just come out of hospital.

“Yesterday, I couldn’t move with my back.

“I had just been out with the dog and it is so rough with the pavement you can’t turn on it. I just felt myself going. When you have had a fall it throws you a bit.”

Mrs Wilson, who is now warning other residents of the danger, believes the council should take action to make the pavement safe.

“There are a lot of elderly people up here. It is dangerous and it should be looked at,” said Mrs Wilson.

“It is not a good job. It is very dangerous. It is all loose. I thought they were coming back to finish it but they told us that was it.

“I think the council should do something about it, it is a cheap job. I would like them to resurface it, this is like a half job in my opinion. I think it is disgusting.”

Margaret lives with her 75-year-old husband Peter Wilson and has been in Laburnum Court for eight years.

She said there has been trouble with the pavement for many years and that residents have complained to the council on several occasions.

However a spokesperson for East Riding of Yorkshire Council told the Free Press the council is not aware of any trouble as a result of the resurfacing works.

An East Riding Council spokesperson said: “East Riding of Yorkshire Council recently carried out pavement repairs - known as slurry sealing - on the Viking Road Estate in Bridlington, including Laburnum Court.

“The works were thoroughly inspected after completion, and we are not aware of any problems arising from the works.”