Bridlington visitors get a seaside welcome

Carnaby junction roundabout new art work.
Carnaby junction roundabout new art work.

Visitors to Bridlington will be able to enjoy a seaside themed approach to the town following the completion of decorative works on the Carnaby roundabout.

The unique improvements to the roundabout include a model of a fishing boat sat on a raised bed of blue glass chippings with white stone images of sea creatures displayed underneath.

The roundabout improvements have cost around £3,000 to build but East Riding of Yorkshire Council say that through future sponsorship the costs will become self sustainable.

The work, which had been expected to be completed in May has been ahead of schedule.

The improvements are part of a A four-year programme designed to improve key routes into towns and tourist areas in the East Riding.

The A165 route near Bridlington has previously been improved with mosaic seaside images as part of the scheme.

Mary Porter, Vice President of the Bridlington Tourism Association, said: “

Councillor Chris Matthews, cabinet portfolio holders for infrastructure, highways and emergency planning at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “The authority’s gateways and corridors programme is an innovative way of improving the main routes in and out of major towns across the East Riding, helping to promote the area and provide a sense of civic pride.

“The designs make excellent use of sustainable planting, are low in maintenance and are being funded from existing budgets.

“The project also helps the council to attract interest from businesses, which has resulted in an increase in private sponsorship of council-maintained roundabouts, helping the authority to maintain grounds maintenance provision.”