Bridlington Town Council to ask for new office

Bridlington Town Council office.
Bridlington Town Council office.

BRIDLINGTON Town Council is set to ask for new purpose built offices as part of the town centre Area Action Plan.

The proposal was put to councillors at last week’s Town Council meeting by Coun Malcolm Milns, who believes that a town council office could be combined with a tourist information centre in a regenerated Bridlington town centre.

Coun Milns said at the meeting: “I propose that we approach East Riding of Yorkshire Council to build us a purpose built, new office in the town centre and combine it with a tourist information centre.

“We do not have a town council office that is fit for purpose. We are not doing it for our own benefit as councillors, because it likely to be some time until the AAP comes to fruition. It will be for the benefit of the town to have a more visible town council, somewhere that members of the public and visitors can come for advice and information.”

Coun Milns said that the current offices on Quay Road are too small and mean that the town council are unable to hold meetings, surgeries or welcome members of the public.

“The AAP is about regeneration and improving the town centre and I think having an improved and integrated town council and tourist information office there would help that.

“We have outgrown our present offices.”

During public consultation at the meeting, held at Bridlington Town Hall on Wednesday October 17, Fred Feltham and Dennis Ashby objected to the plans, arguing that a new office would be a waste of town council funds.

However Coun Milns said that the town council should request that the building would be constructed and paid for by East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

“We pay rent on our current office at Quay Road, and we would pay rent to East Riding council for a new building. Financially, there would not be a great deal of difference to the town council.”

Coun Cyril Marsburg seconded Coun Milns’ proposal, and asked whether East Riding council would be planning to replace the current tourist information centre on Prince Street as part of the AAP proposals.

Coun Shelagh Finlay, who also sits on East Riding Council, said: “As far as I am aware, East Riding council will not be building anything as part of the AAP but release parcels of land to developers.

“If we ask for a bespoke tourist information and town council office, every parish council in the East Riding will ask for one.”

John Lister, the head of the Bridlington Renaissance Team told the Free Press that East Riding of Yorkshire Council currently “had no plans to build a new tourist information centre”,

The Area Action Plan document was ruled to be sound by a planning inspector’s report in August, after two public hearings were held in the town.

Bridlington Town Council formally objected to many aspects of the plan, and have questioned how effective many of East Riding council’s plans would prove to be in delivering regeneration to the town.