Bridlington telly trouble sparks petition

Tim Norman Royal Hotel not happy with TV reception.
Tim Norman Royal Hotel not happy with TV reception.

A Bridlington guest house owner is concerned his customers are not always getting the best reception.

Not that there are any complaints about the greeting, meals or excellent service at The Royal on Shaftesbury Road, but occasionally guests complain to owners Tim Norman, 46, and his wife Fiona that the TV in their room is not working.

“I usually have to tell them it is due to “atmospheric conditions”, which is what local specialists have told me, but it is annoying after all the promises of better reception after the digital switch over almost three years ago,” said Tim who has had the AA Four Star guest house for nine years.

He added: “This has not really happened.”

Now and again their own TV and those in guest rooms experience picture freezing, popping noises and loss of sound.

“It is not an everyday thing and is OK most of the time but guests expect everything to be as good as or better than in their own homes,” said Tim.

Nor is it due to outdated systems. The Royal has a high gain aerial and boosters fitted to achieve the best possible reception and all the TV’s are relatively new with built in Freeview.

Tim is so puzzled about the ongoing situation in an area which he points out is flat and open with no geographic or other obstructions to affect signal strength, he has launched an online petition for people who may be experiencing similar problems.

“I have done it because I just want to raise awareness about the problem to see if someone will look into it and see if anything can be done to make Freeview reception consistently good irrespective of atmospheric conditions, perhaps through a local booster station or some other method,” he said.

The Free Press spoke to Digital UK, the organisation which oversaw the analogue to digital switch over in Bridlington during September 2011.

A spokesperson said: “All television and radio signals can be temporarily affected by atmospheric conditions, particularly high pressure, and coastal areas may experience occasional interference due to signals carried from the continent. Unfortunately, there is nothing broadcasters can do to prevent this.

“Reception should return to normal once the weather changes.”

Tim’s petition is at