Bridlington teenager stabbed dog to death

Bradley Harris stabbed McGregor the Patterdale terrier to death.
Bradley Harris stabbed McGregor the Patterdale terrier to death.

A Bridlington teenager who stabbed a dog to death has been jailed.

Bradley Michael Harris, of South Back Lane, Bridlington appeared in Beverley Magistrates’ Court via video link from prison on Wednesday (14 December).

He pleaded guilty to, on Saturday 16 July 2016, causing unnecessary suffering to a black Patterdale terrier type dog called ‘McGregor’ by stabbing the dog with a knife.

RSPCA inspector Geoff Edmond said: “This was a horrendous incident which caused the suffering and death of a dog and enormous distress to the dog’s owners.

“Harris was one of four people who were drunk and causing a disturbance in the communal hallway of a block of flats on Wellington Road in Bridlington, where two of them lived.

“The group were confronted by McGregor’s owners, a man and a woman who also lived there, about the noise they were making.

“The door to their home was kicked in, and their two dogs escaped into the hallway.

“McGregor was stabbed twice by Harris. Veterinary evidence suggests he was held down when this happened.

“He managed to escape and was found a few minutes later, collapsed in a pool of blood under a table. He died from his injuries in the arms of one of his owners.”

Police dealt with the incident initially, and then contacted the RSPCA.

Harris - who was 17-years-old at the time of the offence - was jailed for four months.

He was also disqualified from keeping animals for five years and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £125.