Bridlington students have issued this message to social media trolls - 'stop and think'

Students at Headlands School have asked the Free Press to send their powerful message to people in Bridlington about online abuse.

Wednesday, 13th March 2019, 3:09 pm
Updated Friday, 15th March 2019, 10:28 am
Headlands School

Members of the School Council have written an open letter to people in the town demanding that they think about how they use social media.

This is the full letter:

Members of Headlands School Council.

Dear Community,

Representing the students of Headlands School, the Student Council feels compelled to write to you in respect of social media.

As students of Headlands School we are proud to be part of our school community.

As young people we try to use social media positively and are reminded on a regular basis of how to stay safe online by our teachers.

As students of Headlands School we want to make a positive contribution to our local community and the world beyond.

We aspire to be the difference and leave Headlands School as well-rounded individuals, able to connect with friends using social media in order to enhance the economy in which we live.

As students of Headlands School we try to respect one another in all we do.

We try really hard to use social media responsibly and within the parameters of the law. We know it is unkind to write or say anything on social media that someone else could find offensive or upsetting.

So why do some individuals, many of whom are adults – the ones who are supposed to be our positive role models - take to social media to say unkind and untrue things about our school, our staff and indeed us, the students? We can only assume that these individuals do not have the emotional, social or legal awareness to understand how unkind words, statements and accusations can impact on us all.

For example, every minute the staff of our school spend resolving issues on social media is time taken away from their teaching and our learning.

Why would you want this? This doesn’t seem right or fair.

In particular, for those individuals who live within our local community who use social media inappropriately and who continue to spread false information about our school, we want you to know that we, the students of Headlands School, do not approve.

We are proud to say we are students of Headlands School.

We don’t just want to be able to say this today, but for a long time to come.

We want to be able to talk to our friends, family, community, universities and future employers about the amazing school we went to.

Why would you seek to take this away from us? Why would you want us to feel bad about the school we have chosen to attend? If anyone has any issues or opinions that need to be communicated, then please do it in the right way.

You can talk to any member of staff who will do their utmost to resolve the issue.

Posting your personal grievances on social media will only serve to escalate your disagreement.

So, from the Student Council of Headlands School, before you post something negative or potentially criminal on social media about our school, our staff, or us the students, please stop and think.

Help lead us, the next generation, and consider how your words and actions could have an encouraging effect on Headlands School and us, the students.

Stay safe and be responsible on social media.