Bridlington sports shop to shut blaming parking restrictions

Pete and Hilary Winterbottom are closing the Betta Sports shop down. (PA1240-15)
Pete and Hilary Winterbottom are closing the Betta Sports shop down. (PA1240-15)

A FAMILY run business is about to shut up shop after 17 years blaming “draconian” parking restrictions and lengthy building works which they say are killing the town.

Faced with these limitations Peter Winterbottom, his wife Hilary and son Ian have taken the decision to close Betta Sports on Bridge Street to focus on the manufacturing side of the business, Betta Embroidery.

Betta Sports will cease to exist from this Saturday, while Betta Embroidery will very much continue trading at a time when they are busier than ever.

“We are very busy on the manufacturing side of the business and the focus of it has changed from retail sports which it was 10 years ago to a manufacturing businesses where we do embroidery and textile printing,” Peter said. The Winterbottom’s took over Betta Sports as an existing businesses around 17 years ago and Peter said the business as a whole has gone from strength to strength ever since.

“We are very busy and we are just recognising the nature of the business has changed, epsecially over the last five to 10 years.

“Five years ago it used to be 20% manufacturing and 80% retail and now it’s a totally different way round.

“We are going to concentrate on manufacturing and on the internet,” he said.

The demand for the embroidering of sports kits, school wear and work wear has prompted the decision to focus their energies and resources on that side of the business.

But Peter said the real, underlying reason for the move lies with the East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Peter said within the last few years extensive and prolongued road works on Bridge Street and near the Spa, which was refurbished around four years ago, has effectively killed the town, while he said the “draconian“ car parking rules continue to deter shoppers.

“The reason why we have decided to give up on the shop is really down to the fact that out of the past six years the council have killed the town for four of them.

“Not only did they close the place down so visitors stopped coming, they then closed Bridge Street.

“Bridlington was no place to visit when it was a building site,” he said.

“It took three times longer than it should have done.

“The Spa looks wonderful but it took three times longer than it should then they dug it all up again.

“The real nail in the coffin is the draconian car parking regulations. If there’s a final straw that’s it.

“I have had enough of them, they are just totally unhelpful,” he added.