Bridlington serial street mugger jailed for four years

Jailed ... Robert Seaman.
Jailed ... Robert Seaman.

A SERIAL street mugger was jailed for four and a half years after being caught on CCTV trying to cash a winning Irish lottery ticket – part of his proceeds of crime.

Robert Seaman, 24, could not resist trying to profit from the £18 winning ticket he stole from Ann Sheikh, 58, not realising he could easily be traced.

Seaman of Trinity Road, Bridlington, mugged two women in Bridlington within the space of two weeks targeting the elderly and vulnerable who have been left with nightmare memories of his attacks.

He appeared for sentence at Hull Crown Court on Friday September 28 after pleading guilty to two charges of robbery and one of assault.

Crown barrister Jharna Jobes said Robert Seaman spotted shop assistant Ann Sheikh on her way to work in the underpass at Wellington Road, Bridlington, and ran at her knocking her backwards so hard she hit a wall. In one movement he hit Mrs Sheik in the chest and kicked her calf.

“He came at me like a train,” said Mrs Sheik. “He hit me in the chest and I have a pacemaker fitted. I thought I was going to die. It was the most frightening thing that ever happened to me.”

She was screaming and shouting “please give me my ba!” when her husband Muhammad Sheik ran to the scene. He grabbed Seamen in a bear-hug. Seaman struggled free and twice punched Mr Sheik in the mouth and nose. Mr Sheik’s nose was grazed and Mrs Sheik’s arm was bruised and she was taken to hospital for a check on her heart.

The incident in Bridlington happened on June 5 – just two weeks after Seaman terrorized Samantha Holmes around midnight in Prospect Street, Bridlington as she returned home from work.

He robbed her of her handbag cutting it from her shoulder and punched her left ear on May 25. Seaman found five lottery tickets in Mrs Sheik’s bag and was caught cashing one in Ladbrokes.

Mrs Jobes said victim impact statements from all three were taken. Mrs Sheik said she has been off work from her job as a shop assistant, been to hospital and her GP suffering bruising to her lower back. She has trouble getting out of the car.

“She has nightmares when she is asleep, thinking about what happened that day,” said Mrs Jobes. “Even when she went on holiday to Sweden to see her family she could not take her mind off it.”

The court heard Seaman was given 18-months in a young offender’s institution by Bradford Crown Court for wounding an 85-year-old during a burglary in 2007. He also has conviction for making a false representation, threatening behaviour and has breached a suspended sentence.

Defence barrister Ian Philip said: “He accepts the serious nature of these offences. He did not appreciate their vulnerability, but that does not excuse what he did.”

Jailing Seaman, Judge Simon Jack said: “These were nasty offences of street robbery. They were particularly serious because in each of the cases you picked on vulnerable people.

“The pre-sentence report says you are a high risk of causing serious harm to the public in the future. I think that might be right.”

He jailed him for four and a half years.