Bridlington Scooter Rally - important information for riders

Scooters outside Bridlington Spa.
Scooters outside Bridlington Spa.

Arrangements of the scooter rally, which will bring hundreds of visitors to Bridlington this weekend, have been changed because of the large fire in the town last week.

Because West Street is still closed after the blaze at the Londesborough Hotel, plans to close the road outside the Spa have had to be shelved.

Spa general manager Andrew Aldis said: "Bridlington Spa is excited to be welcoming back thousands of Scooter enthusiasts to South Marine Drive this Saturday for the Lambretta Club of Great Britain trade show and, as usual, we will be providing free display space for scooter owners around the outside of the venue.

"Our publicised plans for the temporary closure of South Marine Drive to allow the Scooter Rally to operate have changed. Owners bringing their scooters will still be able to display them on this stretch of road but should read and understand the guidelines shown below.

"Last week, widely reported on the news, there was a substantial building fire in Bridlington; which has resulted in the closure of West Street. This road, being adjacent to South Marine Drive, was to be the diversion route for the Scooter Rally road closure.

"We’ve looked into alternative diversions but all of the other options would place an unacceptable burden of the town’s traffic flow so we have concluded that it would be prudent to allow South Marine Drive to remain open.

"On Saturday morning, in the interests of safety, pedestrian barriers will be placed along the roadsides from the Marina Café to the north end of Pembroke Gardens in order to separate traffic from the pavements.

"Enthusiasts and riders will still be able to display their scooters on Pembroke Gardens (opposite Bridlington Spa), outside the Marina Café, along the front wall of Bridlington Spa and in the wider paved area opposite the gardens. As usual, there will be no charge to owners of scooters for displaying in these areas. Please remember, these areas are not car parks so we cannot accept any other type of motorcycle in these areas.

"There will be two openings in the barrier for scooters to access Pembroke Gardens; one at each end.

"For pedestrians, there will be four official crossing points and each of these crossings will have security marshals present. These marshals will be empowered to temporarily close their crossing if there is a hazard.

"For motorists driving along South Marine Drive on Saturday, we recommend that you restrict your speed, irrespective of the limit posted on the road signs, to 5mph throughout the barriered section in recognition of the number of pedestrians who may want to cross the road. No stopping will be permitted throughout the barriered section and road signs will be deployed to give drivers good warning of the event.

"Bridlington Spa and VP Security will have 10marshals in the area throughout the day should you have any questions and they will be able to resolve any issues that may arise.

"Bridlington’s Park and Ride bus service will operate normally throughout the day.

"Overall, our aim is to make this event an exciting and enjoyable experience for all visitors and residents without adversely affecting everyone else and we didn’t want to simply continue with a road closure that would provide only an inconvenience. We hope that you support these decisions and that you have a great weekend."