Bridlington’s town crier wins award

David Hinde won a 'town crier' competition last week
David Hinde won a 'town crier' competition last week

BRIDLINGTON’S town crier believes he has given the resort’s profile a timely boost by winning a competition featuring criers from across Yorkshire and beyond.

David Hinde secured the ‘Best Town Crier’ title at the 
annual Knaresborough Festival of Entertainment and Visual Arts on Sunday.

The competition was the first David has entered since being chosen as Bridlington’s town crier in February this year, giving him the chance to promote 
Bridlington by thundering his ‘Home Cry’ – extolling all the best things about the town including our beaches and scenery, the Priory and Old Town and of course, good old fish and chips.

David said: “This is one of the best ways to promote Bridlington and its surrounding area and was one of the main reasons why Bridlington Town Council wanted me to promote the town.

“I am very proud to have achieved this at the first try.

“This is about civic pride and encouraging tourism to the town.

“I am planning to enter further competitions throughout Yorkshire and I am planning an attempt in the autumn at the ‘World’s Loudest Town Crier’ record.”

David followed his cry about Bridlington with a compulsory cry about the Diamond Jubilee.

Town criers from Huddersfield, Dewsbury, Malton, Chester-le-Street and Garstang congratulated David on his debut victory, before he was presented with his trophy by Knaresborough’s mayor and local sponsors.