Bridlington’s rescue teams out in force for exercise

Bridlington's coastal rescue services join forces for training exercise.
Bridlington's coastal rescue services join forces for training exercise.
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THE full might of Bridlington’s coastal rescue services joined together on South Beach for a training exercise before the summer season gets into full swing.

Members of the Lifeguard team, Coastguard and RNLI Lifeboat crews worked together on mock rescue scenarios to ensure that they can work with each other as efficiently as possible in the even of a real emergency requiring all the services.

David Brant, East Riding lifeguard supervisor, said that the exercise had been useful for all the teams involved.

“It went really well, it is the first time we have done it since the lifeguard team moved from the council control to the RNLI; and even when we were with the council, the last time we did a joint exercise like this was about seven-years-ago.

“It was really good for us all to get to know each other’s working practices and everybody who took part said that they had enjoyed it and found it useful.”

The training exercise took part in stages giving the different teams the chance to work together.

There was a mock rescue about a mile out to sea involving the lifeboat crews, and further rescues inshore which saw the coastguard and lifeguard teams work together.

David said: “It was a very complicated exercise and there were a lot of things that could have gone wrong, but it all went smoothly and everybody worked together really well.

“Our ‘casualties’ had a range of injuries, from broken bones to deep cuts, and it was good to asses how the teams dealt with them.

“It’s all well practising first aid on someone you know, but when it’s on a stranger you tend to take it more seriously.

“It might never happen, but if there is a rescue that involves all the services coming together, then it’s good to know how we all work.”

David said that although it is difficult to co-ordinate, and there is an expense involved in joining the teams together for such exercises, he said that the joint training exercises were something he would like to try and make happen more often.

The lifeguard team will be patrolling Bridlington, Hornsea and Withernsea beaches seven days a week between 10am to 6pm from this Saturday, July 5.

Look out for the red and yellow flags marking their patrol areas.