Bridlington's oldest couple mark 75 years of marriage

SEVENTY five years can be a long time – but not for Marie and Tommy Hatton, who could be Bridlington's oldest couple.

Marie, 99, and Tommy, 97, celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary with friends at the Edna Weekes Day Centre, in Promenade, on Tuesday last week. The pair won an award in 2008 as one of the UK’s oldest married couples.

They were married at Christ Church in Armley, Leeds, on December 22, 1934.

After the wedding, Tommy and Marie went to Armley Baths Ballroom with their guests to celebrate.

Afterwards they both walked for five miles, with Marie still in her wedding gown, to her sister’s house in Newlay, where they stayed the night.

The couple, who live at Bempton Oval, received a card from the Queen last Tuesday morning by special delivery, to mark the momentus occasion.

They moved here from Bramley,, Leeds, 10 years ago to be near their son and daughter who both have homes in the town. They also spent many holidays here.

Tony Hatton, Tommy and Marie’s son, said: “Mum and Dad really enjoyed the day. They had a cake and some champagne to celebrate.

“They have made a lot of friends at the day centre and it was nice for them to be able to celebrate with them.

“It was a big honour for them to receive a card from the Queen by special delivery, that really made the day for them.

“The big celebrations will be saved for the next time Mum receives a card from the Queen – on her 100th birthday in February.

“It is a landmark to reach 75 years, so perhaps it is the Bridlington air that is good for you.”