Bridlington’s first same sex couple to marry

Lauren Saxton and Samantha Finch. (NBFP PA1414-7b)
Lauren Saxton and Samantha Finch. (NBFP PA1414-7b)

A Bridlington same-sex couple say being the first gay couple to marry in the town will be an extra special experience.

Lauren Saxton, 26, and Samantha Finch, 31, were the first gay couple in Bridlington to register their intent to get married and will be the first to tie the knot at the Town Hall on 19 April following a recent change in the law.

There has only been one same-sex marriage in the East Riding since the law allowing gay marriage came into effect last Saturday, so Lauren and Samantha will be one of the first gay couples in the country and certainly the first in Bridlington to get married.

Lauren and Samantha moved to Bridlington in January 2012 with Samantha’s two daughters Amylee, 10, and Demi, 7, from a previous relationship.

Lauren is a full-time carer for Samantha who suffers from back problems.

Lauren said: “It’s great to be the first I think it makes it even more special.

“We planned to get a civil partnership but the registrar rang us to say there was going to be a change in the law so we could opt to get married instead.

“I proposed to Sam the day before Valentine’s Day at home with roses and candles. All of my family are really supportive they’ve been great.

“Everybody is entitled to their opinions (about same sex marriage) but at the end of the day love is love.”

“Samantha’s family don’t agree with her being gay, she’s been put through hell. She’s had to leave the family because it was just such a nightmare.

“It’s much better since we’ve moved to Bridlington, there seems to be more gay people here, it was a bit hushed up in Nottingham.

“It’s going to be a big change for us and everybody else and hopefully by allowing same-sex marriage, it will encourage more gay people to come out.

“We appreciate all my mum’s (Sally Saxton) help.

“Without her, there wouldn’t be a wedding and she is amazing with how much support she has given us both, Samantha lost her mum eight years ago, and she has been a brilliant help to us both.”

Lauren and Samantha got together four-and-a-half years ago after getting to know each other through facebook.

Samantha added: “I said yes straight away when Lauren asked if I wanted to get married.

“I didn’t think we would ever be able to get married but it’s something I’ve always hoped for. My family are not supportive of the idea so it’s been hard.

“Both of my children are really excited about us getting married, they’re getting dresses and they’re going to be bridesmaids.”

The legalization of same-sex marriage has been welcomed by many across the country but others have voiced their opposition saying it redefines the definition of marriage.

Bridlington MP Sir Greg Knight was one who chose not to support legislation legalising same-sex marriage in February last year.