Bridlington’s beach tractor comes to rescue after fallen tree blocks road

Bridlington's beach tractor moves the fallen branch.
Bridlington's beach tractor moves the fallen branch.

A TRACTOR which is usually seen ploughing Bridlington’s beaches came to the rescue of drivers who became trapped behind part of a fallen tree.

The large branch had fallen from a tree on private land and was blocking Woldgate, the busy lane from Kilham into Bridlington.

And it was the East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s tractor plough, which is based at the Carnaby depot, that sprang into action to clear the blockage as quickly as possible.

Craig Pulfrey, the driver, set off in the tractor with the beach rake still attached.

Mr Pulfrey and the powerful vehicle took very little time to lift the branch, which he then took to the Carnaby household waste recycling site to be broken up and sent for composting,

The incident started when Mr Pulfrey was driving from the depot to start work on cleaning the beach, when he was hailed by passers-by who told him Woldgate was blocked and motorists were queueing.

Nigel Rogers, the council’s area supervisor, said; “Craig used his own initiative to ensure the road was cleared as quickly as possible, but it was a strange sight to see the vehicle trundling down Woldgate with its beach rake.

“Once he got to work the 
motorists were soon on their way.”