Bridlington police chief gives advice to prevent local thefts

Bridlington police Insp Grant Taylor
Bridlington police Insp Grant Taylor
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THE head of Bridlington’s Neighbourhood team says police are working hard to identify and return stolen goods to their rightful owners – but need help from the public.

Stolen property is often not returned to owners because the police cannot identify it, a problem also when it comes to solving crimes as it can be difficult to prove who an owner is.

However, Bridlington Neighbourhood Policing Team and CID, in conjunction with the Serious Acquisitive Crime Team and other community partnerships, are putting increased efforts into dealing with the problem.

Insp Grant Taylor, head of Bridlington’s Neighbourhood Police team, said: “We work very hard when it comes to identifying and returning stolen property upon completion of investigations; however it is not always the case that we can do so.

“We do our upmost to tackle this problem, but there are also measures members of the public can adopt to aid us in our investigations.”

Insp Taylor said there are a number of websites available for Bridlington residents to register their property, and advises that they record serial numbers, along with detailed descriptions, and consider having a name and address printed on items.

“All of these methods will aid us greatly in retaining and returning your property, as well as bring those who stole the property to justice,” continued Insp Taylor.

Police recommend a number of tactics to keep your property safe, including Smartwater – which is a colourless liquid that can be applied to any uneven surface and has a unique code registered to the owner which conclusively proves ownership.

Free UK national database offers individuals the opportunity to register their property by marking it with a UV pen, while ‘Track it’ – a piece of software that can be downloaded as a smart phone application – tracks gadgets if stolen.

Police also recommend visiting for useful information and advice when buying goods online or from an unknown source. The website provides information on whether the property has been reported in relation to any crimes in the past.

Insp Taylor added: “We invite you to visit us at our local police copshop on Quay Road, Bridlington, where you can collect a free UV pen and choose from a selection of leaflets offering further information on recording your property.

“We want to continue with the great work our local policing teams are doing, and ask that you assist us in ensuring Bridlington remains a safe place.”