Bridlington mum’s fund-raising thanks for hospital

Mother Anna Towse with her daughter Darcy, who was born 12 weeks premature.
Mother Anna Towse with her daughter Darcy, who was born 12 weeks premature.

A Bridlington mother is saying a heartfelt thank you to Scarborough Hospital’s Special Baby Care Unit by spearheading a fund-raising drive at her place of work.

Anna Towse’s daughter, Darcy, spent seven weeks on the unit after she was born 12 weeks premature.

Now Anna, along with colleagues at Skipton Building Society’s Bridlington branch, is determined to raise as much money as possible to repay hospital staff for the care they showed.

Customer Adviser Anna said: “We are raising money for the Special Care Baby Unit as this year we have all picked a cause close to our hearts to raise money. This one was my choice, as my daughter was 12 weeks early, and after spending four weeks in Leeds Hospital, she spent seven weeks in the Scarborough unit.

“Darcy was born at 28 weeks, weighing 1lb 8oz, which is about half the size of what her weight at that age should have been.

“The decision was made to deliver her early as there was a problem with the blood supply and she wasn’t growing as well as she should have been.

“The doctors decided she would have a better chance of survival being out and in an incubator.

“Darcy is now three and, other than being a little short for her age, has no issues despite her early start.

“The nurses at Scarborough were amazing. They made me a diary to tell me of her progress every day, which told me important things like her weight gain, but also was funny and touching to read.”

Anna said that, at the moment, the baby unit is raising money for a Jaundice sensor that can be applied to babies’ foreheads, which reduces the need for a blood test. They are also raising money for their family areas.

Skipton Building Society’s Bridlington branch, in Wellington Road, is now running a book sale, a pick a square competition to win a big purple bunny rabbit and is holding a bake sale on Monday.