Bridlington mum's beach needle anger

Sarah Crawford, with Pyper-Mae and Michael, angry over finding used drug needles on the beach where the kids were playing.
Sarah Crawford, with Pyper-Mae and Michael, angry over finding used drug needles on the beach where the kids were playing.

A horrified mum found a used needle on Bridlington beach just feet away from where her children were playing.

Sarah Crawford has urged parents to be aware of the dangers as the resort welcomes hundreds of visitors during one of the sunniest and warmest summers for years.

The needle found on the beach

The needle found on the beach

She was with four children, aged between three and 12, when she made the grim discovery on the sands.

“It’s disgusting,” said Sarah, urging people to use needles in the privacy of their own homes and to use facilities such as needle exchanges.

“My son has congenital heart disease and is waiting for the date for his next open heart surgery.

“That needle could have killed him. It’s so scary. You could have easily stood on it and think you had stood on a shell.The beach was absolutely heaving with families, lots of toddlers walking round with no shoes on.”

Sarah had taken her family to the beach last Wednesday afternoon and they went on the sand near to the donkey beach on the north side.

She said: “We were just putting the tent up when they screamed and said they had seen a needle. I told them not to pick it up and kicked it to one side. We went to get the lifeguards. I had a lot of sympathy for the lifeguards. While they are dealing with things like this, there could have been an emergency in the water. It’s really not fair.

“I just wanted to make parents aware that if they are going to the beach, to check before you put your towel down and sit down.

“The amount of people who have said they said they have found them around Bridlington, in busy places like outside the leisure centre, is unbelievable.”

Paul Tripp, head of Streetscene Services at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, said: “".We clean the beaches in Bridlington on a daily basis, using a combination of mechanical methods and litter pickers.

"North Beach is hand litter picked daily due to its stony nature, and Bridlington South is mechanically raked.

"It is very rare to find discarded needles on the beaches, which remain very safe and one of the main reasons why so many people visit Bridlington.

"We have also installed more litter bins near the beaches recently, to make it even easier for people to dispose of their litter safely.

"On the rare occasions that anything found on the beach causes concern, we react to those reports quickly."